Please respond to The Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to understand that Addiction is a prevalent and almost overwhelming issue. And in listening to literally hundreds of people discuss Addiction, I believe that no other single issue facing us causes as much negative emotion as does Addiction.

The thing for me is that, though I do talk to a lot of people about Addiction, I don’t have any hard evidence about what people believe and perceive about either substance abuse or addiction. Therefore, I put together a brief ten (10) question survey that I will run for around two (2) weeks through which I hope to gain, at minimum, one hundred (100) responses such that I can gauge what perceptions exist about substance abuse and/or addiction. I’ve called it the The Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey.

The survey does not collecting any demographic information; nor does it collect any personal contact information. Really, I just want to gather information in an attempt to understand what the general population thinks about substance abuse and/or addiction such that I can then develop better educational materials that can improve/enhance substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Therefore, please take a few minutes to answer the questions within the survey. By doing so, you will become part of the solution instead of allowing the problems that substance abuse and/or addiction present to persist. Also, once you’ve completed the survey, please share this post as the more data I have, the better the understanding becomes. I’ll update about the progress of the survey as the time period goes on and will publish the findings a few days after I close the survey.

Thank you for being an active piece of a solution puzzle! The survey (please remember to click the “Submit” button once you’ve responded to all the questions):


2 thoughts on “Please respond to The Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey

  1. The language in your survey (item 5) re: the forced choice descriptions of addicts including “sick” is offensive and simplistic. It would be more accurate and less stigmatizing if that selection read “have a complex health condition” rather than “sick”. That’s old school, old news. We-the-people have actually moved on and perpetuating old lingo such as “morally weak” and “sick” is not helpful when it is IMPERATIVE that the culture make the paradigm shift to catch up with the science. How a society views addiction has direct consequences for who lives and who dies.

    I also suggest that the item 1 re: which drug is most associated with criminal behavior should provide some guide for what criminal behavior is included. I could absolutely check Big Macs, thinking of corporate and governmental involvement that, if not criminal, ought to be. Since I view criminality to include those illegal acts which impede social justice and decent medical care, a living wage, etc. I would take out the Big Mac put in a selection choice of All of the Above. That would allow for a more fair option for those of us who think globally…and there are a lot of us out there.

    What we do to people with so-called “behavioral health” conditions is what I call Treatment Genocide. It is a human rights issue, as far as I am concerned. The days of Jimmy-the-Junkie being the big threat regarding addiction are long gone. Look to the commerce, politics, and prison systems which support it and fuel it in some ineffectual attempt at social control.


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