What is a Warrior Angel?


There aren’t a whole bunch of people who will engage an addiction, but those that do have a strength of spirit that only a warrior possesses.  That strength derives from deep and real love that acts as a fuel and protective coat for the next time the addicted one heads back on the streets.  Recovery is like that: Periods of calm before the next relapse.  But, the love carries warrior angels through every negative outcome and still fights the addiction with all they can.  Even if the addicted can’t see the love, warrior angels are there, ready to give every last drop of their soul-energy to eliminate the drug of abuse.

I’ve encountered all kinds of people who suffer from an addiction.  There are those kinds that that suffer with an undiagnosed and untreated illness for which they self-medicate (for example, someone who abuses cocaine may suffer from ADHD).  There…

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