Ghosts should be minded and NOT feared

We are afraid of the boogeyman, even though i believe we don’t really know who or what he is.  One of the most comical scenes in any movie is when Michael Myers surprises his next victim by wearing a sheet with eyes cut out.  He wore glasses on the outside of the sheet in an attempt to fool his victim into thinking he was her boyfriend.  But what that scene really did was show how we really don’t know of what we are afraid.  Our visions of what we should fear drive us and, while people may not admit to being afraid of ghosts, it is exactly our ghosts that limit us and keep us hoping against hope that some force will emerge in our lives and “save us” from the boogeyman.  But even Michael Myers knew that those primal fears are irrational and even a bit funny.

Ghosts aren’t to be feared, really.  They do their thing, really, and for the most part leave the physical world alone. However, people like me learn to read their messages and then are stuck with having to do something with the information.  Since I tell stories, when I do find a ghost (rather, when a ghost finds me), i have to tell his or her story. I’ve known about this for a really long time, but I haven’t been all that willing to admit that i have this mission.  I’ve come to understand that we all have that ability, it’s just that we ignore and dismiss anything that doesn’t fit into our world view.  This is true, especially when it comes to things of a spiritual nature.  We are often herded into religious frames of reference that can have value, but more often than not exist to control us and make us even more afraid.  Sure, people like Jesus of Nazareth did all they could to teach humanity how the supernatural world works, but then we take his message and box it into what WE think it should be.  Therefore we wander the physical realm like ignorant robots spewing things from our mouths that weren’t our own thoughts in the first place.

I’m not out to be believed. I gave up on that years ago.  If I’ve learned anything over the years of following my writing path it’s that people seek to reinforce their own opinions, regardless of their origin and don’t do much to escape or fold in new learnings such that they own the space between their ears.  The majority of people with whom I’ve come into contact are stuck in an endless loop of reinforcement that they don’t want broken.

So why do I continue to chase windmills as though they’re dragons?  Because I will leave the physical world someday and there needs to be a record of this path of mine such that future generations might actually find the record and realize that past, present, and future are all integrated into one single flow within the supernatural realm and perhaps my descendants, direct or indirect will actually see that someone knew about this integrated time.  In the physical world, time dominates almost all of humanity’s actions, but in the supernatural realm, it doesn’t even exists, which is why when ghosts give us messages, we don’t believe them: Since time doesn’t exists in their world, they approach they physical realm out of context and without context, messages seem like random coincidences that have no reality.


We need to integrate natural realities with supernatural realities to be fully human

For years, I’ve seen the dark side of humanity lead good people into intense suffering. I’ve seen fathers belittle their sons for wanting a life without heroin. I’ve witnessed young men die alone because their drug use isolated them into unrecognizable versions of themselves that no one loved anymore. I’ve heard stories of women being raped repeatedly by their fathers, from the women themselves, and I’ve seen and felt the anguish and torment from ignoble and painful deaths that resulted from drug and alcohol use. For years, I’ve sought to understand humanity’s dark side – not out of simple curiosity, but out of a need to change it somehow.

It’s been difficult at times to watch people destroy themselves, seemingly with their own hands. I’ve felt intense frustration with my own inadequacy to “reach” someone and redirect their behavior to that which is good and strong and beautiful inside themselves. However, even though I’ve come to the conclusion that all people must walk their own life’s path, I have learned that everyone has the resources needed to overcome their dark path and find goodness and health.

What people fail to see, even those who haven’t collapsed into dark side’s abyss, is that humanity is composed of two (2) integrated and objective realities: 1) The natural reality; and, 2) The supernatural reality. Each reality is objective, that is, it exists as a concrete and measurable entity. However, the experience and expression of each has gotten so screwed up that some people don’t even think (or believe) that there is a supernatural reality to human life. They’ve become so enmeshed and intertwined with the natural reality that the supernatural is muted to them. However, just because the supernatural reality has become muted to them, does not mean that this reality does not exist.

Because we can sense and express the natural reality through our physical senses, we sometimes tend to think that it somehow has higher precedence than the supernatural. Science provides language and mechanics for observing and measuring the natural world. Humanity can now observe and measure natural behavior at the subatomic level and describe the meaning of that behavior with predictive precision. However, the supernatural reality can’t necessarily be observed through physical perception and measurement. That doesn’t mean, though, that it can’t be sensed or expressed.

History has allowed several seemingly subjective measures of the supernatural reality to emerge and develop. These measure are often referred to as “religion.” Religion, really, is nothing more than a set of rules and behaviors that a given group of people put together in an attempt to capture their version of the supernatural reality. But religion is not supernatural reality. While religious ceremonies and rites can evoke the supernatural reality, the best way to experience it is through a person’s own sense of love.

Some, like my own spiritual leader, Camilo Torres, might say that faith is the way to experience supernatural reality, but I disagree with that assessment because love allows integration between the natural and supernatural realities. It does so through the recognition of the Image of God in self and others and when that recognition occurs, there is a connection between, not only people, but also the natural and supernatural realities (for examples of this look at Maslow’s description of peak experiences).

Love, however, is not simple. The most cliché and derivative wedding reading, is St. Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians where he says that love is never jealous and yada yada yada. But St. Paul is speaking of an unconditional form of love that God feels for his creation. From a human perspective, this type of love may be an ideal to which we should strive, but human love is rarely unconditional and pure as the love of which St. Paul wrote. However, the idea of a “brotherly love” between all loving things provides material through which real connections can occur. But even that type of love can be difficult. People generally act towards their own interests and “love” is often a bartering emotion through which people get their own individual needs met. And this system of emotional bartering is the exact basis of enabling behaviors I’ve unfortunately run into over the years.

The reality is that I recognize a huge need to create a world in which each person can develop completely in accordance with all that is good and strong and beautiful. If I have to delve deeper into the dark side of humanity to learn how, so be it. I vow to find the path towards creating the world in which all people can be free from the dark side’s clutches.